Book Review: Mr. President (White House #1)

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Book Review: Mr. President (White House #1)Title: Mr. President (White House, #1)
Author: Katy Evans
Publisher: KT Publishing LLC
Published: October 31st 2016
Pages: 280

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans comes a sizzling new contemporary romance.

He's won the hearts of millions. But is he willing to lose his?

I met the president’s son when we were both young. Matthew Hamilton was handsome, polished, and intelligent. I’d never met a guy like him.

He promised me that he’d never run for president. I promised that if he did, I’d be by his side.

Three terms later, an invitation to join Matthew Hamilton’s campaign is the most exhilarating opportunity I’ve ever experienced. I'm determined to make a difference; he is determined to win.

Focused on his goal, Matt is steadfast, ruthless, and disarming. All eyes are on him and his popularity is surging. But soon, the next possible president of the United States is possessing me in more ways than one—and despite the risks, I'm helpless to resist.

We're stealing touches, stealing moments, and stealing away at night. But our chemical connection is quickly becoming dangerously combustive, putting not only my heart, but Matt's chance at the presidency on the line.

Winning will take everything. Walking away will be the hardest thing of all.

“For years the public has come to believe every promise made by every candidate has been pure bullshit. Nobody believes in them anymore. Politics has been totally tainted by propaganda…America wants a change. America wants to grow. America wants to be young and powerful again.”

I’m going to be flat out honest with this one, and go in right on this review. I’m pretty sure a part of me picked this book up because with what’s currently happening in American politics, which I really don’t talk about on here since I rant enough on my Twitter about it, I wanted to pretend for a second that we had a better president than we really do. With that said, Matt Hamilton is not only seeming like a pretty good president, I mean we really don’t get to hear all that much about his actual politics since ya know, it ain’t the real plot, but he also is totally swoon worthy.

I mean, is Henry Cavill not the perfect Matt? Because I’m pretty sure, even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to find anyone better for the role. The dude is just down right beautiful, and it’s kind of unfair to be honest, but aside from being so gorgeous to the point that it’s rude, he really is  who I pictured the entire time I read this book.

If I’m keeping it real, I think what I liked most about this book comes down to two things:

  1. The portrayal of politics
  2. The fact that it’s a forbidden romance

Addressing the more boring part first, I loved how the politics in this story seemed to be much more upbeat and light-hearted. I know that politics in real life is nothing like that, nor should it be, but it’s nice to have it be a bit more calm and just the back story considering the real life version of it right now. Plus, it was shown in a much more interesting way. Think House of Cards interesting versus CNN interesting.

And do I really have to say anything more about the forbidden romance? I mean, it’s pretty obvious why I liked that aspect of the story, lets be real here. I love that kind of story line in any book, in any kind of setting. But the fact that it’s in a setting that I’ve never read before, aka a contemporary book based around politics, made it even more exciting to read.

This is the perfect read for something super quick, and different than pretty much any of the other NA novels I’ve been reading lately. I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to read the second one soon!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!