Book Review: Paper Princess (The Royals #1)

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Book Review: Paper Princess (The Royals #1)Title: Paper Princess (The Royals, #1)
Author: Erin Watt
Publisher: Everafter Romance
Published: April 4th 2016
Pages: 370

From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself.

These Royals will ruin you…

Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends meet and believing that someday she’ll climb out of the gutter. After her mother’s death, Ella is truly alone. 

Until Callum Royal appears, plucking Ella out of poverty and tossing her into his posh mansion among his five sons who all hate her. Each Royal boy is more magnetic than the last, but none as captivating as Reed Royal, the boy who is determined to send her back to the slums she came from.

Reed doesn’t want her. He says she doesn’t belong with the Royals.

He might be right.

Wealth. Excess. Deception. It’s like nothing Ella has ever experienced, and if she’s going to survive her time in the Royal palace, she’ll need to learn to issue her own Royal decrees. 

My Review

I genuinely don’t know how to put exactly what I’m feeling into words right now. I’m slightly embarrassed that I was so into this book. I’m slightly in love with Reed and all of the Royal boys. And I’m totally at a loss for words, so, as I do, here’s how I’m feeling in gif form:

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Review Update: The next day

Okay, so, I’ve waited a day to actually write this review because I’m still having problems trying to figure out exactly how I’m feeling about this book. It’s like I know I shouldn’t like it, because honestly you guys, that family is high key fucked up, but I literally couldn’t stop reading it.

I think this book is definitely a really good book to read if you’re trying to branch out from typically reading YA books, like myself, and to start reading some more NA books. I know that some people refer to this as a YA book, but girl no, this is an NA book. There are tons of sex scenes, which were written pretty well so it wasn’t incredibly awkward to read, but just a warning for people who aren’t into all that jazz.

But speaking of that, if you don’t like reading about sex, reading actual sex, or reading about people talking about sexual things, seriously, skip this one because spoiler alert: they do the sex a lot.


To be completely honest, the plot isn’t really the thing that’s driving this book, but I’m not even 100% sure what the plot even is, but I still loved it all the same. I’m already reading the second one because I can’t stop myself at this point. I mean, that cliff hanger though.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!

  • Haha, love the gifs you used in this review. I have heard so many awesome things about this book, and while it is no way my usual genre, I’m intrigued by the synopsis and all the hype surrounding this. I bought the book for Kindle but have yet to read it, definitely going to be checking it out really soon, though. Glad you liked it!

    • Olivia

      You definitely need to pick this one up! It’s totally out of my normal reading genre, since I’m mainly into high fantasy, but it’s gotten me really in reading more NA now! You’ll have to let me know how you liked it when you do get to reading it!