Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza | Day One: Introduction Post & Interview With… Myself!

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Blogging Extravaganza

I’ve never done one of these month long blogging things, and I decided this month, why not? It’s probably the least busy month I’m going to have until summer, and I would really like to get back into blogging more than I have been recently. It’s hosted over on Rachel’s blog, Beauty and the Bookshelf (such a cute name by the way, what the heck??) So, without further ado, lets get on with day one!

Day One: Interviewing Yourself

What’s your name? 

Princess Olivia.

Is that your real name? 

It is, I’m offended you asked. 

How old are you?

20 years young. 

What does your future look like in three words?

Cats, Books, and Coffee. That shoulda been my URL… Bookscatsandcoffee.. Dammit.

Are you a crazy cat lady?

Absolutely, and loving every minute of it. 


I know right?

What’s your favorite kind of coffee?


That’s not a coffee type…

All the coffee. I guess you could say I don’t have a type. 

What’s your favorite thing to do, other than drink coffee?

Roam around bookstores, research books, stare at Instagram pictures of books… Actually read those books sometimes. The usual.

Do you have any pets?

Only the light of my life.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.25.20 PM

What’s your favorite story of all time?

Beauty and the Beast. But. Lets go with the Disney version, okay? Any other version, *cough* Grimm Brothers *cough*, isn’t as… Hmm, romantic?

Favorite movie?

Love Actually or Colin Firth’s Pride and Prejudice. Oh my god, Colin Firth.

In love, much?

With Colin Firth? Yes. In that white shirt scene preferably. I mean. Look at him.


Isn’t he like… twice your age?

Age is but a number, my dear. Besides, he acts my age more than I do.


Alrighty then..

Just embrace it.

Favorite TV show?

Doctor Who, hands down. 

Favorite book series?

As of right now, it’s gotta be The Mortal Instruments. It changes from time to time, just because I never stick to one thing for very long, but I’ve fallen back into the Shadowhunter world because of Lady Midnight recently coming out!

Last question: Are you actually going to keep up with these posts?

Oi, lets get the judgement out of your tone. I’m going to try. Trying is succeeding.. Right? Er, right. 

Also, look at this before you go:


You’re welcome. 

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!

  • Several YAY moments here!
    1. Being a crazy cat lady is awesome and so under-appreciated!
    2. Awwww kitty!
    3. YES is a coffee type.

    You seem like a really awesome person and we should be friends. That is all. 😉

    • booksbeautyandcoffee

      Oh my gosh, I think we’re totally meant to be friends. Best book friends? I’m feeling best book friends. 🙂

      • YAS Best book friends! Does that translate to BBFFs?

        • booksbeautyandcoffee

          oh my god, yes. It’s official. We’re totally BBFFs.

  • Ah, this is great! (And thank you for the blog name shout out!) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, YES. (Obviously.) Love what you did when you were asked what your name was, and YES, we’re YOUNG, not OLD. I’m actually not very big on coffee. I’ll drinking it occasionally, but it has to be decaf. I mainly just drink water and juice. I quit soda back in high school (though I do drink ginger ale/Canada Dry), and coffee, cocoa, etc., make me feel sick, so nope! Thanks for joining in!

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