Is this real life or is this real life?

Posted May 4, 2015 by booksbeautyandcoffee in Bookish Discussions / 0 Comments


So yes, I understand that ACOTAR is coming out tomorrow, but even getting it just a day early, I was hella excited. I swear, my heart jumped when I saw it at Barnes & Noble. And the fact that I got it in hard cover made my day that much better.


Ember in the Ashes is here because it’s beautiful and I’m almost done and there shall be a review up soon. Annnd, I just wanted it in the picture because it’s that pretty. Okay? Okay.

So that’s a fun little update post I suppose. I’m gonna go into my reading cave and I shan’t emerge until I’ve finished these two books.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading and happy reading!