Book Talk: Oblivion (Nevermore #3)

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I’m back with another book talk! I’ve been rereading the Nevermore series and I’m becoming so obsessed again. I’m in such a Halloween/creepy book mood and it’s almost May. I’m literally always in a Halloween mood though.

OblivionBook: Oblivion (Nevermore #3)

Author: Kelly creagh

Summary: This electrifying conclusion to the Nevermore trilogy takes one last trip to the dream world of Edgar Allan Poe to reveal the intertwined fates of Isobel and Varen.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? —Edgar Allan Poe

The fine line between life and death blurred long ago for Isobel Lanley. After a deadly confrontation with Varen in the dreamworld, she’s terrified to return to that desolate and dangerous place. But when her nightmares resume, bleeding into reality, she is left with no choice. Varen’s darkness is catching up to her. To everything. Threatening to devour it all.

Isobel fears for her world. For her sanity and Varen’s—especially after a fresh and devastating loss. To make matters worse, the ghostly demon Lilith wants Varen for her own, and she will do anything to keep him in her grasp—anything.

Can Isobel ever find her happy ending? Worlds collide and fates are sealed in this breathtaking finale to the Nevermore trilogy.

To be honest, this is just going to be a post of me freaking out and fangirling about my favorite trilogy coming to an end. I’m so sad it’s happening, but so excited to see how it all ends!

As stated, hmm, roughly a million times on here, I always pick celebrities/sometimes musicians as the characters; It’s completely based on how I picture them in my head.

My ideal Varen would have to be Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides:


And my idea of Isobel is definitely Ashley Benson, who I know from Pretty Little Liars:


Okay now that I’ve established that I’m obsessed enough to have seriously thought out this couple, lets freak out, shall we? We shall.

I want to start off with the fact that it’s coming out in July. I don’t think that’s okay with me. Nope, just checked, it’s not okay with me.

I mean, I’ve been waiting for this since Enshadowed came out, which was in 2012. That’s 21 years in dog years. In Olivia years it’s 538. So basically, I need this book in my hands now. I saw some people have already got ARCs and I’m seriously so jealous.

I swear I use this gif in every book talk when I say I want a book. But it still stands. I want this damn book right now.

this is america i want it now

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!