Book Review: Fight (Volume 1)

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fightBook: Fight (Volume 1)

Author: Taylor Thompson

Published: September 8, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Summary: Step right, step left, jab. That’s how Tatum meets Holden.

Tatum Stevens is a young woman from a very troubled past. Her whole life seems to have just been a series of “downs” until she meets Luke; little does she know, he’s only a “down” in disguise. Then she meets Holden. Holden Samuels is a professional boxer – a four-time champion. Everybody sees Holden as the typical bad boy; possessive, domineering, and self absorbed.

They’re wrong.

He’s not as tough as he likes to display, but he’s still the boxer of the century. Holden Samuels may just be the only “up” Tatum finds.

Set in modern day New York, Fight explores the hardships of two characters pasts while showing that the future can be unexpected. Sometimes you find a new hobby or a new friend. Sometimes you even find love.

*This was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion or the review to follow. *

My Review: Before I even got past the second chapter, I was in love with this book.

The writing? Amazing.

Character development? Brilliant since the first page.

And the characters themselves? Just plain good.

As you probably know by this point, if you’ve seen the mini segment I’ve completely dedicated to it, I’m obsessed with putting faces to the characters as I read the book. So, without further ado lets do this thing.

First Holden. I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary books recently, and I’ve also been re-obsessed with Mr. Harry Styles, so pretty much every guy in those books I’ve pictured as Harry. And I have no shame.


I mean look at him. He looks like a little angel, dammit. He’s the perfect Holden in my mind.

And Tatum, of course. Being sassy I couldn’t help but picture her as Nina Dobrev. I know I’ve been watching too much Vampire Diaries because I’m picturing her as everyone.


Oh, and cray cray Luke was pictured as Alex Pettyfer because I have a feeling that kid could play crazy pretty damn well. I don’t really need to post a gif of him but I’m going to because, uh, it’s Alex Pettyfer. Come on.


So other than picturing pretty boys, I should probably get to the actual book, huh?

I’ve seen a ton of YA books about fighting/boxing but every time I start one I just can’t get into it. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really know much of anything on the subject, so I can’t really relate, or because I don’t like boxing and fighting in general. But this one I definitely got into. The boxing part is more of a side story versus the entire thing and, unlike many of the books I’ve read, it’s not shoved down your throat.

And the romance. Oh my god don’t get me started. I’m addicted to sexual tension when it comes to books, I don’t know who isn’t, and this definitely got me my fix for a while. Literally everything they did, even if they were patching him up from another fight, I just wanted them to kiss.


I wanna talk about the end so badly but I think I’ll just wait till one of you reads it and we can fangirl/casually freak out together.

End game, everyone needs to read this. Seriously. You can find it here:

Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes &Noble | Book Depository

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!

Rating: I don’t have half pumpkin cats, but pretend this is 4 1/2 pumpkin cats, mkay? Mkay.

Four pumpkin cats