Book Review: Grift

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griftBook: Grift

Author: Jason Mosberg

Published: March 4, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Contemporary

Summary: Why would a 17-year-old girl pretend to be a high class escort?

Piper is a con artist whose canvas is the city of Las Vegas. She rolls with a crew of young grifters including a card-counting genius, a tourist-hustling pool shark, and a pocket-picking magician. Together, this crew of teenage outlaws live with their mentor Max in the penthouse of a hotel casino. They work hard and play harder. But unlike the others, Piper must balance her hyper-real Vegas fantasy with the reality of raising her 14-year-old half-sister Sophie.

Disaster strikes when the Las Vegas mafia kidnaps Sophie and demands a multimillion-dollar ransom.

With only five days to piece together the money, the crew races the clock to save her.

My Review: First off, I would like to thank the author for the free copy of his book in exchange for this honest review.

After having read the summary and the first chapter, I was having doubts on whether or not I would fall in love with this book. I’m definitely a YA fanatic, which is clear by a glance at my blog, but this didn’t seem like my typical YA read. However, as with many of the books I end up loving, I pushed myself to continue on and boy am I glad I did.

From the very beginning this book threw me right into Piper’s world in Las Vegas. The details were so amazing to the point that it felt like I was watching the story unfold versus just reading about it (if that even makes sense…). Its whenever this happens that I know the book is a good one.

To my number one, absolute favorite part: Piper.

She is such a sassy, smart ass character and I immediately loved her. I pictured Chloe Moretz as Piper, which I think is a pretty good fit if I do say so myself.

grift piper

I do love a book with a good twist or two, but I swear this one had a twist with every chapter and I loved it. As soon as I thought I knew what was happening, something else would come right around the corner and surprise me!

I really wanted to get to know more about the others in the team though, so I really hope that there might be spin off books for them. I think they would be called spin offs.. No matter what they’re called, I need them in my life.

give it to me now

If you love YA books and need a good mystery read, I 120%, and then some, recommend Grift.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!

Rating: 4 pumpkin cats

Four pumpkin cats