How I picture my fictional boyfriends: part 2

Posted January 25, 2015 by booksbeautyandcoffee in Bookish Discussions / 0 Comments

So I did a post last week that was dedicated to how I picture my fictional boyfriends while I am reading the book. I’ve decided that, since I really loved that post idea, I’m going to make a part two! And hopefully more parts will come as I read more books.

My first boyfriend is Kyle Kingsbury from Beastly.

Alex Pettyfer

Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles

Tyler Hoechlin

Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles

Prince Kai

Levi from Fangirl

Hunter Parrish

Prince Maxon from The Selection


Varen Nethers from Nevermore

Varen Nethers

David Stark from Rebel Belle

Andrew Garfield

Ignifex from Cruel Beauty


So that’s it for the second part of this mini series! Listing all of these made me want to reread all of the books, but I’m in such a reading slump right now. It’s the worst one I’ve had in a really long time. It’s like, no book sounds good enough to sit down for more than twenty minutes to read. After the fifth chapter I give up on almost every book. It’s getting ridiculous.

Anyways, I’ll try my very best to get a book read so I can finally post another review. It feels like I haven’t in forever.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day/evening/morning/whenever you’re reading this and happy reading!