Book Review: Alienated (Alienated #1)

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AlienatedBook: Alienated (Alienated #1)

Author: Melissa Landers

Published: February 4, 2014

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance

Summary: Two years ago, the aliens made contact. Now Cara Sweeney is going to be sharing a bathroom with one of them.

Handpicked to host the first-ever L’eihr exchange student, Cara thinks her future is set. Not only does she get a free ride to her dream college, she’ll have inside information about the mysterious L’eihrs that every journalist would kill for. Cara’s blog following is about to skyrocket.

Still, Cara isn’t sure what to think when she meets Aelyx. Humans and L’eihrs have nearly identical DNA, but cold, infuriatingly brilliant Aelyx couldn’t seem more alien. She’s certain about one thing, though: no human boy is this good-looking.

But when Cara’s classmates get swept up by anti-L’eihr paranoia, Midtown High School suddenly isn’t safe anymore. Threatening notes appear in Cara’s locker, and a police officer has to escort her and Aelyx to class.

Cara finds support in the last person she expected. She realizes that Aelyx isn’t just her only friend; she’s fallen hard for him. But Aelyx has been hiding the truth about the purpose of his exchange, and its potentially deadly consequences. Soon Cara will be in for the fight of her life—not just for herself and the boy she loves, but for the future of her planet.

My Review: This might actually make it to my ‘Top Ten Favorite Books of 2014″.

First things first, this cover is gorgeous. So many books that I’ve read this year have beautiful covers. I’m pretty sure it’s because I judge books by their cover, mostly choosing them if their cover is gorg. This one was definitely chosen because of it’s cover before I even read it.

Moving on. Lets just talk about the whole alien exchange student part. This is actually a really good plot, I would have never thought of it myself! So.. Where can I sign up for my own Aelyx? Please and thanks.

I wanna lick his face

I love the fact that Aelyx and Cara didn’t just fall in love immediately. I’m so tired of the whole “omg look at her facE I LUFF HER”. Don’t get me wrong, I like that in contemporaries (sometimes) because then we skip the sexual tension and get right to the super cute moments. But not in my alien books. There are only so many alien books, I can’t deal with them being messed up by “true teenage loooove”. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As a side note, this book reminded me of the Lux series. Mostly the whole ‘ass hole at first alien boy’ and the ‘shut up I can’t even deal with you’ Earth girl. I love both of these series so much. I can’t wait until the second comes out! It actually comes out February 3rd! I’ve decided to order it from: because you can get a signed copy! If you really wanna splurge , you could even get the first one signed as well! I just love everything about this author and this series.

*cue gifs of feelings montage*

I'm so freakin' excited


mind blown


And there’s that. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a gif montage in a post before, and that just shows how much I loved this book. Please go read this. Please come back and we can talk about it. Please love it like I do. I’m actually obsessed, so be obsessed with me.

Rating: 5 pumpkin cats

five pumpkins cats